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Edexcel Biology for A2

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Edexcel Biology for A2 Book Cover Edexcel Biology for A2
C. J. Clegg
Hodder Murray
1st May 2009

Edexcel Biology for A2 is a full colour textbook with supporting Dynamic Learning website, written specifically for the new Edexcel specification. The chapters follow the order suggested by the concept approach to the course. All chapters begin with Starting points, which summarise the basics to be covered and How Science Works examples are clearly identified. Throughout the text there are a wide range of self-assessment questions to encourage comprehension and research. The Dynamic Learning website additionally provides: - Practice material for pre-released reading assessment - Additional activities - How science works material - Extension questions to stretch the most able and extension material explaining some ideas in greater depth - Useful websites linked to each section

Edexcel Biology for A2


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