Carl Muller


Carl Muller (born 22 October 1935) is a Sri Lankan writer, poet and journalist best known for his trilogy about Burghers in Sri Lanka: The Jam Fruit Tree, Yakada Yakaand Once Upon A Tender Time. He has won Gratiaen Awards for The Jam Fruit Tree in 1993[1] and a State Literary Award for his historical novel, Children of the Lion



  • The Jam Fruit Tree (Winner of the Gratiaen Prize) (1993)
  • Yakada Yaka (1994)
  • Once Upon A Tender Time (1995)
  • Spit and Polish
  • Maudiegirl and the von Bloss Kitchen

Historical fiction

  • Colombo – A Novel (1996)
  • Children of the Lion (Winner of the State Literary Award) (1997)
  • City of the Lion

Science fiction

  • Exodus 2300 (2003)





  • Firing at Random

Short stories

  • A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Cemetery
  • Birdsong & Other Tales
  • All God’s Children (2004) (shortlisted for the Gratiaen Award)
  • The Python of Pura Malai and Other Stories
  • Wedding Night (2007)


  • Father Samaan and the Devil
  • Sri Lanka – A Lyric
  • Propitiations
  • A Bedlam of Persuasions
  • Clouds over my Senses
  • Read Me in Silence
  • The Thin Red Line

Children’s fiction

  • Ranjit Discovers Where Kandy Began (1992) (also rendered in Sinhala)
  • The Python of Pura Malai and other stories

Academic works

  • The Elizabethans: The Origin of, and the Great Flowering of Modern English

Literature – Volume I

Views and reviews

  • Many Bulls in My China Shop
  • More Bulls in My China Shop
  • More and More Bulls in My China Shop
  • The Bulls are Back in My China Shop


  • Glorying in that Great Divide
  • Conflict in Cinderella’s Kitchen
  • The Service Economy: Is there a Dangerous Dichotomisation of Wealth?
  • Productivity: The Key to Economic Domination
  • Tourism: Aiming for that Magic Million
  • God Men Rising: Challenging the Bedrock of Hindu Beliefs and Values
  • Conflict Within: Challenging Sovereignty and Human Solidarity





  • Carl Muller’s Mental Mayhems


  • Stamp Stories of the USA


  • Indian Journeys

Works edited

  • Mews and Purrs (Lancashire, England)]
  • The Tide Press of a Dedicated Life: A Tribute to Christine Spittel-Wilson
  • Rendering Unto Caesar
  • The Poems of Destry Muller (Winner of the State Literary Award)
  • A Rainbow Sash Adorns my Dreaming Sky





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