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Research Methods in the Social Sciences

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Research Methods in the Social Sciences Book Cover Research Methods in the Social Sciences
Chava Frankfort-Nachmias, David Nachmias,
Social Science
Hodder Arnold

The 5th edition of this successful book provides a comprehensive, non-technical introduction to the principal research methods employed in social science. It offers a carefully integrated treatment of its components; research theory, design, data collection and data analysis; and explores the progression from the conceptual and theoretical building blocks of the research process to data analysis and computer applications. Throughout, the authors draw on examples from both classic social science research studies and current social issues to provide students with an historical basis for appreciating how social science research applies to today's concerns. This new edition has been thoroughly revised to include current research study examples on contemporary social science issues, new computer exercises on data processing and analysis, an appendix on writing research reports, and a fully updated appendix on SPSS with coverage of SPSS/PC+ and SPSS for Windows.

Research Methods in the Social Sciences


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